Caving | Speleo Cave Nefza

Cave Nefza

This cave is an extension of the mine Ghanguet Kef at Jebel El Damous which peaked at about 202 metres. The latter is formed by land dating from the Cretaceous, the Eocene, and the Oligocene. At these sites are deposits of zinc and lead.

The cavity, with a total length of 310 metres and a height of 60 metres, contains a tectonic accident: its cross section shows a general shape of a triangle with a straight wall western wall and a shaped Eastern staircase reversed. A gallery of thirty metres, covered in concentric circles and ovals, about eight metres above the ground, leads to a first room that leads to two lanes of forty metres in length, at different levels, leading to a large room in which there are two columns of stalagmites. A narrow conduit leads to a third room containing concretions and eccentrics. At this level, progress is blocked by a narrow conduit.


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