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Few Words About Myself Nice to Meet You

Hi friend! My name is Mabrouk Haoues. I’m an amateur photographer from Tunisia.

Photography fascinated me from an early age. I loved taking pictures of everything my eyes discovered, I also had fun making frames with cameras that didn't even have film. With the arrival of smartphones, I started taking pictures of anything and everything.

One day I decided to break my piggy bank and put all my savings in the purchase of my first SLR Nikon D3000. Subsequently, the evolution of my cameras allowed me to develop my techniques and my photography skills. and I gradually discovered the secrets of my magic box.

I learned new tricks every day that allowed me to improve the renderings of my photos again and again. It will have taken me several years to arrive at the result that I wanted: to represent through my photo the exact copy of what I saw through my lens.

It only remained for me to share my work with people who shared the same passion like me.

Mabrouk Haoues Photographer - مبروك حواس
45518 Shots Taken
3472 Cups of Coffee
184 Movies Watched
0 Awards Won

Where magic is happening My Studio

As a caver and a big fan of the underground world, my first studio was the caves. With a reflex camera and small torches and simple lighting, it was fun to play with the light to highlight this wonderful world.

My Studio also is where there are beautiful natural landscapes (mountains, lakes, beaches…) and historic sites and monuments.

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